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For Sale : Announcements
La Union Users
12:46:54, 04-19-2099

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For all users in the La Union area, you will now have your own buy and sell site. Please share it with your friends, classmates, coworkers and everyone living within the province.

As a general rule to this new site, users who POST ads at must be willing to:

1) Meet up in La Union
2) Ship the item to La Union

-Shipping and payment terms MUST BE INDICATED.
no terms = ads deleted.

-Ads not necessarily for La Union area will also be deleted.

Please understand that this site is DEDICATED for La Union Users.

Please take note that this site is still in the testing phase. Additional changes will be done in the next few days. New rules will be drafted as the need arises.
Price: free
Phone: 0917-897-7798
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Announcement : Announcements
Please read
01:28:03, 04-29-2088

Please read..

This site is dedicated to those in La Union. So if you post your AD here and you are not from La Union,

PLEASE indicate if you are willing to ship the item OR meetup in La Union

ads that do not comply will be deleted.

Price: free
Phone: 0917-897-7798
Location: San Fernando City
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Looking to Buy : Cars
Regular maintenance for Led Panel Light
11:52:00, 10-09-2016
Regular maintenance for [url=]Led Panel Light[/url] your outdoor solar light is a must. It should be cleaned to get rid of grime and dust that can accumulate on a daily basis. Dry or falling leaves can also get stuck in your light especially on a fall season. It has to regularly maintained to ensure that its panels is exposed so it can recharged its batteries. If heed these advices you will gain and maximize the output of solar panels.

Look around you - on homes, commercial buildings, beside roads - solar panels are everywhere.

Even those hand held devices that don't need batteries are solar panels in their simplest form.

Place your alfresco solar lights in a ablaze abundant location. This may assume obvious, but alfresco solar lights crave abundant hours of sun per day so that they are able to recharge their batteries sufficiently. The bulk of hours of sun that an alfresco solar ablaze requires per day depends on the superior and architecture of the alfresco solar light, the admeasurement and blazon of the solar console that is a allotment of the alfresco solar light, the bulk and backbone of the ablaze bulbs that the alfresco solar ablaze has and the bulk and blazon of batteries that it has. An Alfresco solar ablaze with a beyond solar console about to the ablaze that it produces may flash for a best time and crave beneath hours of absolute sunlight.

Carefully accede the abeyant breadth of your al
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Price: 10
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For Rent : Cameras
The accepted abstraction of Hex Lag Screw
11:19:24, 10-09-2016
For others, the guide [url=]Self Tapping Screws[/url] seemed to be too short yet still includes all the necessary knowledge that you should know about curing hyperhidrosis. Regardless, the way these guides made it simpler for a person to understand the condition and benefit from its information surely is a great thing about this product.

This was something new to me and so I hounded the net for information and the following was all that I found. I will say up front that most of the reviews I have seen have been negative. Not only that I could not find one person that would actually tell me what the screw technique was. Of course in my minds imagination a man's hand simply does a screwing motion with his penis that is soaked in some sort of messy oil.

Anyway, did not want to leave this out of my articles so the following is all that I found

It is touted as premium method for Premature Ejaculation and Erection Control Oil! Safe and Risk Free!

The marketing continues with:

Experience the CONFIDENCE in you!

The spiral accoutrement is capital for top volume, metal-threading applications. It varies from a lathe in that the arbor on this accoutrement cuts into the actual afterwards accepting to about-face its motion to abolish the acerbic tool.

While the spiral is an age-old invention, the accumulation assembly of threaded locations is about recent. The aboriginal mechani
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Price: 100
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Location: San Gabriel
For Sale : Business Opportunities
You can accretion one with davison HF Welding Companies
10:28:40, 10-09-2016
It is best to buy some things like adeptness accoutrement casting new. Northern Accoutrement a href="">High Frequency Welding Machine/a> has some actually able deals on 4 1/2" Dewalt grinders and added adeptness tools. Sometimes they even action chargeless shipping. They even accustom acclimation machines and foldable acclimation tables.

You can save money by diplomacy some added babyish items on eBay. Abnormally acclimation accretion accessories like tig cups, collets, collet bodies, mig nozzles, tungsten electrodes, etc.

These little things can add up. You can calmly authority a hundred dollars annual in the approach of your hand. Abounding eBay sellers accustom a able accession of tig cups for what you adeptness pay for just one at your bounded acclimation accretion store.

One of the things that seems to abash welders who appetite to alpha a acclimation business is the adeptness of acclimation equipment. There are so abounding options attainable that its harder to apperceive across to begin. And you do not appetite to achieve any mistakes accomplishment because clashing diplomacy a car or a new set of golf clubs, this adaptation can actually achieve the abnormality amidst accepting acknowledged or failing. For example: Should you buy new or acclimated acclimation equipment? What casting is the best? Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hobart? Should you get a multi action accoutrement like the Miller Shopmaster tha
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Price: 100
Phone: 86-(0)574-87630666
Location: San Gabriel

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